Tinley Benyshek


Meet Tinley – a 4-year-old from Oskaloosa, KS! Tinley’s battle with Leukemia began on New Year’s Eve of 2019. She had just turned 4 years old a few days before Christmas and it was truly the most wonderful time of the year until suddenly, it wasn’t. Tinley went to the ER for a bowel obstruction and after several tests, doctors discovered she had Pre B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Her family rang in the New Year with many unknowns sitting in the hospital room wondering what this year would look like.

Today they are thankful to say she is stronger than they could have ever imagined. Tinley had a severe staph infection in her port a few weeks after it was placed and was in the battle of a lifetime to fight off the infection. Her port was removed and she was on IV antibiotics for 8 weeks. She experienced all the side effects of chemo and was often neutropenic. Through it all, she still loves to play with her baby brother Tripp, snuggle with her kittens, and dreams of owning her own horse one day. Give it up for Tinley and our Big Three!

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