Lilly Bolton

Lilly is in 5th grade and turned 11 on January 6th of this year. A few weeks later, she was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma. While, thankfully, scans showed that it appears to be localized in a tumor on her right 5th (pinky) finger, they also showed it has already begun fracturing and deteriorating her bone. Since it is an aggressive cancer and there is a chance that microscopic cancer cells are attempting to spread, the current treatment plan is also aggressive and consists of 12 weeks of chemotherapy, surgery to amputate her finger, and then 16 more weeks of chemotherapy. Lilly’s port was placed and she began chemotherapy in February, so she is on track for surgery to remove her finger sometime in May. Her team at KU Med and Children’s Mercy have been nothing short of amazing.

Before her diagnosis, Lilly was well into her first year of learning the violin and we are hopeful that some adjustments will make it possible for her to continue. She also loves art and drawing, and even though she is right-handed and it is a challenge, this hasn’t stopped her from continuing to draw. She also loves nature, hiking, and most of all her cat ❤️. Since she was tiny, Lilly has been a constant reminder to those around her of the joy, beauty, and wonder of life. She is caring, strong, sweet, and simply beautiful inside and out.

We are so incredibly grateful and honored for the nomination and selection of Lilly to be part of this year’s Starting 5.

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