Hunter Brown

Brown, is a 6 year old was diagnosed with Pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia July 21st 2022, being treated at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri. Where he is still receiving Chemo treatments and continues to fight his battle. As he will continue for the next couple years. The last couple of months being in and out of the hospital with fevers, blood transfusions and platelet transfusions. He still continues to fight and stay strong through it all.

His interest are playing video games, Minecraft, hot wheels, and Monster Trucks, building legos, and loves to go fishing. He likes to play with his twin sisters Harper and Hadley. As well as just in general loves being with his family.

Hunter has a huge heart for a 6 year old boy who loves and cares about anyone who touches his heart in any way. He’s a smart kid, who loves school even though it’s on a computer. He makes sure he try’s to do his best at almost everything.

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