Calvin Smith

Calvin started mentioning his tummy hurt. The pain seemed brief and normal at first. But, as days went by, he wasn’t eating as much, going to the bathroom as often, and he seemed quieter. His doctor didn’t think it was anything major. after a week or so, Calvin wasn’t getting any better. In fact, he seemed to get worse.

Another trip back to the ER at Children’s Mercy Hospital, two MRIs and an X-ray of his abdomen revealed nothing. However, the CT scan revealed a mass between his liver and right kidney, near the back of his stomach. That was the night of January 22nd, his mom’s birthday. Calvin was soon diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALK positive).

Calvin is a playful kid who loves all things basketball, playing Power Rangers, and eating Broccoli! 😀🥦

Chemotherapy is expected to be done in 6 cycles over the next 6 months. In completion of the 2nd cycle of chemotherapy, we are thrilled to share that the PET and CT revealed that over half of the tumor mass has dissolved! The 3rd cycle is underway and we are hopeful the plan continues to show promising results!

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